Refund policy

Defective product
As soon as you receive the item, please check that it is the same as your order.

We take all possible precautions to ensure the quality of our products, but if the delivered product is misdelivered, damaged or defective, please contact us.
The antennae and legs of the spiny lobster are pretreated to shape them according to the individual in advance. Some antennae, loose legs, and short ones are not defective.

If the product is misdelivered, damaged or defective, we will refund it. The shipping fee for returned goods will be borne by the editor.

* We do not accept returns, exchanges, or refunds for any reason.
・ When 3 days have passed since the item arrived
・ Once thawed and cooked
・ The product and image are different from what you expected.
・ In case of customer's convenience such as wrong cooking method

* Please note that we are not responsible for accidents such as loss or misdelivery if the item is shipped in a form that does not leave a proof of shipment, such as ordinary mail.
Return deadline
It will be within 3 days after the item arrives.
Return shipping fee
If it is a defective product, we will bear it.
Return method
Please pack and send all the ingredients, equipment, etc. that were included in the package.
Kitakami Building, 2-7-10 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
phone number
* We will check the contents after our products arrive.
If we judge that the return is convenient for the customer, we may not be able to respond to the return.
Inquiries about defective products
Please contact us immediately after the item arrives.
Please note that we cannot accept returns unless the item is defective.
Inquiries Please use the inquiry page .